Monday, 13 March 2017

City pride

Bradford Walking Tour 3
These photos were also taken from the roof of the Broadway shopping centre, looking across the city of Bradford towards the west. You can see, from left to right: the dome of Britannia House, owned by Bradford Council; the 1960s tower block that holds student accommodation and the ice rink. Standing proudly, the ornate tower of Bradford's City Hall, built in 1873 when the city wanted to make a statement about its wealth and status. Towards the right, in the distance, a new multi-coloured block, the David Hockney building, part of Bradford College. On the right edge is a tall office block dating back to the 1970s that now forms part of the Broadway complex.

On the other side of that block you get a glimpse of the beautiful Victorian Gothic Wool Exchange building, completed in the 1860s and now rather dwarfed by the structures around it.


  1. Bradford centre was of course bombed during WW2. Etched in my mind we stood in the dark cold rain at a bus stop on a slope. Opposite across the road almost in touching distance was an enormous black,burned-out roofless building with gaping windows. It smelled foul. A very quiet and depressed small queue waited. I was two and very frightened. At last the bus came and took us away.

  2. Two lovely images, jennyfreckles. Bradford seems to have lovely bones.


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