Saturday, 18 March 2017

Mr Bean?

Bradford Walking Tour 7
Another rather unusual sight in Bradford's Little Germany - Mr Bean and a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Don't ask me why... I have not a clue! The carved door surround, though, is rather special. Caspian House was built in 1873 as a warehouse for D Delius and Co. The company's senior partner, Julius Delius (his name is rather a mouthful!) was the father of the composer, Frederick Delius, who was born in Bradford in 1862.


  1. Oh, that is fun! Excellent craftsmanship around the door.

  2. Fabulous details around that door, Jenny!

  3. It is - I must go and look for it next time I am in Bradford. And 'Julius Delius' is indeed a mouthful, good of them to break with family tradition and call him Frederick!

  4. Hah!!! I loved Mr. Bean but haven't seen him for quite a while. Still got a laugh out of your photo. For such an elegant door . . . . . . why?


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