Friday, 24 March 2017

Mughal Gardens artwork

You may remember back in February (here) I mentioned an artwork in Bradford city centre by the acclaimed Pakistani artist, Imran Qureshi. When I was in Lister Park, I walked round to the Mughal Gardens to see its companion piece. The two-part work is called 'Garden within a Garden'. It commemorates the million-strong British Indian Army that fought in the First World War. 'Light and dark mix, horror and hope collide' in the tranquil setting of a peaceful and serene garden (in itself inspired by the heritage of the many Bradfordians who can trace their lineage back to the Indian subcontinent).


  1. Quite striking art, and a peaceful setting.

  2. Your top photo is a serene image of a lovely place. The tiles are also lovely in a very different way.


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