Friday, 31 March 2017


These are the first Spring lambs I've seen. It was amusing to watch them playing. This group of six, clearly 'playmates' rather than all siblings, were running up and down the hill, playing chase. It was just like watching children in a playground! They'd stand still for a few minutes and then one would dart off and the rest would follow. When they'd run a little way from the mother sheep, they'd turn round and career all the way back down again. Really sweet.

The twins below were more interested in chasing their mum for milk, though she seemed a little weary of being suckled every few seconds.


  1. Whenever I see these sweet animals I regret my fondness for lamb chops. Horrible, isn't it? It also reminds me of Wm Blake's poems about lambs. A friend of ours has sheep and lambs and it is such great fun to see them frolic and play.

    1. I like lamb chops too! But perhaps if we didn't eat them there wouldn't even be lambs to see and enjoy.

  2. I love the action in that first pic, Jenny!

  3. Adorable...and certainly a sign of spring!


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