Sunday, 25 June 2017

Gran duty

The childminder, who usually looks after my littlest granddaughter whilst my daughter is at work, has gone on maternity leave, expecting the birth of her own baby very soon. That means a few days of 'gran duty' for the next few weeks, stepping into the breach until the school holidays start. I must admit to finding it quite tiring, being on high alert all the time. M, however, is a delight to look after. Being two and three quarters, she likes to do things for herself and gets quite cross with me if I try to intervene (lifting her into the car seat, for example: "No! I do it!") Generally speaking, she is a very contented and secure little girl, with a remarkably long attention span. She loves building things with Duplo and Magna-Tiles, and will play for ages with little figures and her dolls' tea set. I also found a book with magic pictures that appear when you paint over the page with water. (I remember them from my own childhood, but these days they are reusable.) She loves discovering the pictures and keeps up a constant flow of chatter, exclaiming over what she sees. Utterly cute. I'm a very lucky gran.


  1. Hi Jenny- absolutely stunning ... I'm sure it's tiring - but what a value little M will remember for ever and a day ... those magic books sound wonderful - I've never heard of them ... Utterly cute looks - so true ... you are a lucky gran - just enjoy - have a wonderful summer with the family - cheers Hilary

  2. Enjoy your time with her, Jenny! She is sweet!

  3. As I said before, Happy Days!


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