Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Back to the rain again here... And back to March for my photo. The theme for March in my online photography group was 'Puddle' and the image had to be in black and white. There's rarely a shortage of puddles around here; the last few months have been exceptionally dry but it never lasts for too long. British weather is endlessly changeable. When there are puddles, Saltaire has some amazing puddle reflections from all the elegant buildings. In the end, I chose this image as my month's entry. It has a vague reflection of part of Salts Mill but it was the diagonal dynamic that appealed to me, and the mix of reflections and shadows.


  1. Right up my street. Well, your street, actually, but you get my drift? Super photo.

  2. It takes on quite an artistic mood! Well done!


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