Thursday, 15 June 2017

Sunset at Formby

'The biggest cliché in photography is sunrise or sunset.' Catherine Opie

Never mind, I think I'm allowed a cliché now and again. We took an evening walk on the beach near Formby when I was on my Liverpool trip a while back. The sunset was not spectacular but the sky was pleasing, nonetheless, and my iPhone did a creditable job of capturing it.

I was going to post something else today but in the wake of a lot of bad news both nationally and further afield, and from a couple of my friends too, I decided a brief pause to reflect on a peaceful scene might be the more appropriate thing for today. My thoughts and prayers are with the friends I know personally and also all those I don't know, who have lost or are anxious about loved ones or who are suffering in body, mind or spirit.


  1. Life doesn't get any easier, does it? Just as you think you've got it sorted some new upheaval comes along. But it's good to be reminded that the sun continues to rise and set every day despite it all. As for the cliche business: for every sunset picture there must be 100 pictures of smiling children - and I for one haven't got bored of seeing them yet.

  2. It is a pleasant scene to contemplate in these sad times. The fire was horrific. Hoping your friends will recover.

  3. Beautiful. Appropriate under the circumstances.


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