Monday, 5 June 2017

The Society of Peculiar Knitwearers

Saltaire Arts Trail 2017
My very talented friend, the artist Ann Davies, has for many years been honing her skills in producing stunning and detailed drawings, washed with watercolour, of the iconic buildings of Saltaire (see here) and other local places.

Not content with a prolific output of wonderful painting, she has more recently also been turning her hand to working with fabric, embroidery and collage, creating quirky dolls (members of The Society of Peculiar Knitwearers), books, panels and storyboxes.

She had an open studio in The Butterfly Rooms and a colourful display in Art Parade on Victoria Road, which usually has some of her dolls for sale.


  1. Ann Davies is, as mentioned, very Talented.

  2. It sounds like she's very well talented.

  3. Some people are endlessly talented Jenny your friend is definitely one of them ☺

  4. These look like fun, Jenny!


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