Friday, 23 June 2017


The National Media Museum in Bradford has recently changed its name to the National Science and Media Museum (it was always part of the Science Museums group) with a greater emphasis on the science of sound and light. They have opened a new gallery called 'Wonderlab', aimed at children, but when a rainy day spoiled a planned walk for me and some friends, we decided to go to the museum and play. It's a fascinating place, though a bit bright and noisy for us oldies!! (Perhaps would have been easier on the senses outside of the school holidays, as there were a lot of children racing around excitedly.)

I especially enjoyed the infinity mirror maze, where you really couldn't tell what was a mirror and what was a corridor or whether you were coming or going!  Hundreds of 'me' visible at any one time. It was utterly mesmerising, although considerably disorientating.

Being deaf, a lot of the 'sound' exhibits defeated me but I liked the light lab that explored the colour spectrum, with lots of filters and lenses to understand refraction and the effect of mixing different coloured lights.

Worth a visit if you're in Bradford, especially if you have children with you. (Free entry too.)


  1. Looks great Jenny. I remember when it first opened it was called the "National museum of film and photography" and the big draw was the IMAX cinema. I never went it that as it was quiet expensive for a youngster who liked to spend her Saturday job money on clothes :0)
    I did like the free exhibits. Great to hear it's still free.
    Jacquie x

  2. A hall of mirrors like that is quite a draw for photographers!

    There's a children's museum here as part of our museum of history. I've been in twice, and came out with splitting headaches on both occasions because of the volume of noise.

  3. The mirrored hall looks fascinating, Jenny!


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