Monday, 24 July 2017


As well as visiting lots of open gardens recently, I also went to my friend's allotment Open Day. These are the plots beside the River Aire in Bingley that were devastated by the Boxing Day floods in 2015. After much hard work, fundraising, new fences and topsoil, you'd hardly know now that there had been a problem.

We've been enjoying some wonderfully bright, sunny days this spring/summer but really it's too contrasty for good photos. It makes me appreciate all the more the wonderful photos I see from my blog friends in sunny places like Australia and Florida. How do you do it?


  1. I love the English allotments -- all so well kept. There are beginning to be more community gardens over here at last.

  2. Everything looks to be growing well!

  3. It appears your friend takes good care of it.

  4. So glad that the area seems to be recovering nicely from that difficult flooding.


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