Sunday, 16 July 2017

Along the canal

Keen to get some exercise on a mild but breezy summery day, I decided a walk out along the canal towpath towards Bingley with a return along the riverbank would be just the thing. There was lots to see. The boat traffic along the canal is at a high level, as conditions this spring and early summer have been ideal. Cruising along in the sunshine must tempt both the hire boats and those who are lucky enough to own their own narrowboat. The trees are all in full leaf and there are flowers in profusion. I don't remember seeing either the bright yellow shrub (Hypericum Hidcote?) or the small name plaque at Dowley Gap Locks before, though I'm sure they've been there for a long time. It's funny how I keep seeing 'new' things even in familiar places.   


  1. A wonderful place for a walk!

  2. What a lovely walk!
    Walking near water seems to have a calmer atmosphere than woods only.

  3. I am always jealous when I see your canal photographs. Must be fun to live in a place like this.


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