Friday, 7 July 2017

Bus nostalgia

I'm not sure whether yesterday's bus was linked in to this event: the 3rd Saltaire Historic Bus Running Day. Roberts Park played host to a dozen or so 'classic' buses, most brought over from the Keighley Transport Museum. I wandered down to the park just for a quick look, not expecting to find it particularly interesting. I wasn't anticipating feeling waves of nostalgia!

Bradford had trams (buses running on tracks in the road) until 1950 and from 1911 to 1972 it also had trolleybuses, which were powered by overhead cables. My own earliest experience of Bradford was as a student at the university from 1970 to 1973, so I actually used the trolleybuses. I was there when this trolleybus made its final journey, full of local dignitaries, on 26 March 1972, the last trolleybus system to close in Britain. I remember it well!  I am, I'm afraid, getting to that age when my early memories are now on display in museums!


  1. Sometimes if the bus was turning round the connector fell off the wires. It was then the job of the conductor to push it back up with a pole. Often when it rained a static electrical charge built up between the trolleybus and the ground. It was then best to hop on lightly without touching!

  2. A wonderful nostalgic post Jenny. I'll join you in the museum! :-)

  3. I remember trolley buses here too. I'm not sure when they stopped using them - will have to check.


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