Thursday, 6 July 2017

Bus stop

There's often something new to see in Saltaire. I wasn't sure what to make of this bus parked on Victoria Road outside Salts Mill.  It said 'Blackpool Transport' on it and was, as you can see, a rather noticeable bright yellow and black, like a wasp.

There is only a little 'Hopper' service bus runs through Saltaire village and that doesn't venture down to the Mill. Tourist coaches have to drop their passengers off up by the college's Exhibition Building. Victoria Road is effectively a cul de sac at the bottom, past the Mill, where there is barely room for large vehicles to turn, so you rarely see buses or big lorries down here. There was a vintage bus rally in the park and I've occasionally seen a vintage bus doing wedding duty at the church (see here) but this one didn't look very vintage to me, though I am not a bus expert! Day trip to Saltaire from Blackpool? A minor mystery...


  1. Traditionally during "Wake Week" lots of Yorkshire mill workers went to the coast on holiday. Maybe this very handsome "wasp" double-decker is an advert for Blackpool tourism?

  2. It's not that different from the double deckers we see here. Though obviously the doors are on the other side.

  3. A mystery for sure. They have run out of things to do in Blackpool? ;-)

  4. Your buses are quite different from ours. The only double deckers we have are usually special buses for tourists.


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