Thursday, 13 July 2017


I'm going through a bit of a phase where my 'normal' photography seems to me to be not quite hitting the mark. I keep going out walking with my camera but when I get home and look at my pictures, I am often underwhelmed and dissatisfied with them. It seems that lately I am more drawn to experiment and try close-up shots and more abstract impressions. 
Here's a selection I took at RHS Harlow Carr Gardens. I guess you either like this kind of thing or hate it!


  1. The days when you are dissatisfied with your achievements are the days when you resolve to progress.

  2. The third one's my favourite, Jenny.

  3. Well done. I love them all. The chartreuse vines against the cobalt blue wall is stunning.

  4. The first one is quite different from your usual images and I like it.

    I know the feeling you are experiencing. I am in a photographic funk for reasons you know. But, I have kept shooting, hoping that something will break me out of the slump.


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