Saturday, 1 July 2017


My neighbour stopped me as I was walking home the other day, to ask me if I'd take some photos of their nearby allotment. She has often seen me setting off with my camera and she knows I'm a keen photographer. I love taking pictures of other people's gardens, so it was a pleasant task to take on.

They've had the plot for a couple of years and have worked really hard to transform it. Despite the dry weather we've been having, it currently looks really lush and productive. There are vegetable and fruit beds, interspersed with bright flowers and even a small pond in the corner of the plot. The showstopper at the moment is the border of colourful annuals: white and yellow daisies, pink poppies and blue cornflowers, creating a random and wonderful kaleidoscope.


  1. Beautiful. The allotment looks like a very nice place to spend time.

  2. Looks good. It is a pleasant surprise when someone asks us to make a photograph for them, isn't it?


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