Monday, 29 June 2009

River Aire & the New Mill

Yesterday being such a gorgeous day, I went for a walk, crossing the River Aire beside Saltaire's New Mill. This was built in 1868 as an extra spinning mill, linked to Salts Mill by three covered walkways across the canal (only one of which now remains). In 1868, Victoria Road crossed the River Aire by means of a bridge supported on cast iron columns. The bridge was demolished in the 1950s as it was judged unsafe, and the only way across the river now is by a footbridge.

I think this part of the river is rather attractive, as the water rushes over the weir. A
s well as the ubiquitous mallard ducks, I was thrilled to see a grey heron (just visible, about a third of the way up the left side of the photograph) and a grey wagtail (which is prettily yellow underneath, along with its grey). I am always happily surprised at how the countryside encroaches into this urban area.

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