Saturday, 20 June 2009

Four lions

Four lions guard the Saltaire Institute (now The Victoria Hall). I believe they were part of an installation by sculptor T. Milnes, intended for Trafalgar Square in London but rejected. Sir Titus purchased them (cheap - he was a canny businessman!) for Saltaire. Their names are Vigilance, Determination, Peace (licking his paw) and War - though their name plates are almost faded away.

Actually, they're really hard to photograph well. They are on plinths well above head height. I should be brave/professional and go with a stepladder one day... except that I'd have to set it up in the middle of Victoria Road and would probably get run over. They all need a good clean too, being green with lion is not a good look. And poor old Vigilance is having a very tough job doing his duty, as he is almost completely shrouded in a tree now. Still doing his best to look snooty, though.


  1. I think you made a good job of photographing the lion guardians. The features really stand out in black and white.

  2. Thank you - and how lovely to know you've looked at my new blog... its a brave adventure for me!

  3. I've just linked back to this from the labels on today's blog (14.2.10). I was introduced to these guys on my first visit to Saltaire. The sculptor did a great job of capturing the name of each lion in its posture & expression and your photos are great. Did you ever go back with your step ladder?