Monday, 14 September 2009

Artist at work

One of the highlights of the Saltaire Festival is the Saltaire Arts Trail. For two weekends, 16 of the village houses are opening their doors - and hallways, kitchens, sitting rooms and even in some cases bedrooms - as unique gallery spaces to display some absolutely stunning examples of art and crafts, mostly by local artists. It's a wonderful opportunity to see some truly inspirational work... even to buy some if the fancy takes you. As many of the artists are on site, it's also a great chance to chat and find out how they produce their pieces and what inspires them.

My photograph shows the painter David Starley working on a canvas in the garden of 75 Albert Road. The house itself was well worth seeing - one room had an entire wall filled with the most beautiful bookcase. And there were some lovely pieces displayed, including some beautiful wooden vases/sculptures by Chris Ryner, who uses the flaws in the wood as an integral part of the finished piece.

As well as the open houses, there are also exhibitions and a Makers' Fair in the Victoria Hall. It's not too late to explore the Trail as it's also open next weekend, 19 & 20 September.

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  1. Nice photo with the flags I would like to see the picture when the artist is finished.


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