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Friday, 11 September 2009

Caroline Street Social Club

Just outside the boundary of Titus Salt's Saltaire (far enough to escape the 'no alcohol' rule!) is the Caroline Street Social Club. I've never been in, but it looks a convivial sort of place, and I know they have music nights and line dancing and that kind of thing. At one time I'm sure it would have been the social hub of the village. It looks as though it has probably seen better days, a bit shabby and old-fashioned now, but it's not always the gloss that counts - it's the friendships you make that matter.
I think it's the only place
in Saltaire where you can sit outside and have a beer on a nice day. (OK, there's Fanny's, but everyone stands outside there and it's right on the main road, so it's noisy). I don't know the origins of the Caroline Street Club and they don't seem to have a website, but I think it was a Working Men's Club with links to a textile trades union. Maybe someone could enlighten me?

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  1. An open air club to enjoy a few drinks looks pretty inviting.