Wednesday, 16 September 2009


It's not only during the Festival that Saltaire becomes a magnet for art-lovers. There are, of course, permanent exhibitions in Salts Mill, including a large collection of works by the Bradford-born artist David Hockney (see July 1). But the shops in the mill and around the village also have some wonderful examples of contemporary arts and crafts.

It's hard to miss the shop called ArtParade, situated as it is right on the corner of Victoria Road, next to the railway station. It has a varied selection of handmade craftwork including cards, gifts, accessories and some beautiful - and very reasonably priced - modern jewellery.
Displayed in the lower gallery are artists' prints and fine art photographs (representing, among others, Ian Beesley, a local photographer of some note). During the Festival there is an exhibition of ceramic sculptures and paintings by Julia Odell.

The parade of shops on Victoria Road has changed little since Victorian times, except that the goods sold have moved up a notch - fewer things you actually need now, but certainly things you might desire! No 1 Victoria Road was at one time a general grocery store.


  1. We have the Victorian's to thank for a great deal of our built heritage.

    They built houses and buildings to last in that era. Not like today's rabbit hutches and flimsy structures where you can hear your next door neighbour break wind!!!

    Keep up the good work Jenny.

  2. They certainly did, Trevor. There are some beautiful buildings that have really stood the test of time. I've been up by Bradford University today and noted the lovely old Victorian buildings still going strong, whereas they're now demolishing part of Bradford College that can't be more than 40 years old, if that.

  3. That's a shame. I spent three years commuting to and from Bradford (Junction Mill on Thornton Road) part of the College where I did my BA honours degree.


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