Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Castles and Roses

Here's another example of the traditional 'castles and roses' narrow boat decoration, this time on the shutter of a window . Both this image and yesterday's photo of water cans were taken on a boat called the Harnser that was moored in Saltaire a few weeks ago.


  1. Hi Jenny

    Dave Shaw who republished Balgarnie's Salt with Commentary and Additions contacted me to pass a message on to you.

    He said that your recent photo entitled "Office House and Stables" was incorrectly described and thought you may have got the info from either Balgarnie's Salt with Commentary and Additions or the Visitors Guide. The correct description is simply "Stables". The information has been amended on the map appearing on the Saltaire Village website - and it was local historian, David King, who tracked down the error.

    A true gentleman and serious historian, Dave Shaw would like to apologise for the "Office House" error.

    He also says that, on the subject of the stables, there are 2 plans on display in the Mill - second floor exhibition gallery - which show how the internal layout of the stables were adapted to garaging between the dates when the 2 plans were drawn up (1912 ands 1926 I think are the dates).

    Really enjoying the blog Jenny - and you have lots of followers.

  2. Hi again - yes, I'm gleaning most of my info from the various guidebooks, as I didn't know much about the history at all when I started. It's one of the good spin-offs of doing this, that I have my eyes and ears opened and am learning so much. Thank you very much for passing the info on to me. I will correct my post. I have now downloaded the Balgarnie document - just need to find time to read it!


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