Saturday, 19 September 2009

Festival Children's Parade

Friday was the Children's Parade, as part of the Saltaire Festival. At least it was a dry day for them, though sadly the sun didn't shine. Children from the two local schools, Wycliffe CofE Primary School and Saltaire Primary School, took part, celebrating this year’s festival theme ‘Uniting Nations’ in a colourful parade around the streets of Saltaire. It must be hard work for the schools involved to prepare for the event - they have only been back a week since the summer holidays. Nevertheless, the costumes were bright and the children seemed excited to be part of it. There were a lot of proud parents watching (and grandparents too, by the looks of it) . And with a samba band and some dancing, it was a lively event.

(I am choosing to post a photograph, but if anyone objects to seeing their children on the blog, please let me know. I realise that these days it is a tricky subject and that's why I have chosen a long shot rather than one which shows the children's faces in close-up.)

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  1. It looks like a nice parade. I'm sure the kids didn't mind no sun as much as their elders did.


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