Friday, 25 September 2009

Festival crowds

One last photo taken at the recent Saltaire Festival... this shows the crowds on Victoria Road, just beside Salts Mill entrance. I've made it monochrome as an experiment, because it reminds me of old photographs I've seen of crowds of mill workers hurrying home up Victoria Road at the end of a shift. It's good to see the old cobblestones pounded again by lots of feet!

I don't know how many people visited Saltaire during the Festival this year, but with the weather being pretty good I should think the turnout was quite high. I didn't see any trouble; people seemed to be getting along very good-naturedly (although I think plenty of beer was consumed!). I like events that have something for everyone and Saltaire Festival has a good mix of art, culture, music, food, fun for the children and plenty to look at and buy. It was a bit of a shame that Roberts Park couldn't really be used this year (because it's being extensively renovated) but I'm sure it will return better than ever - and the funfair and market still took place on land behind the local fire-station. It seemed nearly as good, even if people did have to risk life and limb crossing the busy main road!

I didn't catch many of the 'performance' events this year, but blogger Paul has some great shots on his site at, so do have a look there.

Now another summer turns into autumn... and I'm hoping to keep up the photo a day, though it will be more of a challenge as the days get shorter. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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