Sunday, 20 September 2009

Food, glorious food

Once again Saltaire Festival hosts a continental market on Exhibition Road. There's a wonderful array of food and other goods for sale - both to eat on the hoof, and to take home. My own favourites are the plump olives - a myriad of different kinds, including the luscious Greek Kalamata olives and the gorgeous, garlicky, herby, green olives glistening with oil. The French pastries and tarts looked attractive and tempting too. You can buy authentic saffron-yellow paella, crêpes with a good slug of brandy, all manner of spicy sausages and cheeses, unusual meats (kangaroo anyone?), biscuits and sweets - including those oh-so-sweet Turkish Delights and Italian nougat. It's not particularly cheap, but the food does seem to be of good quality this year. It's a delight to one's senses, anyway, to wander through the stalls looking and smelling, even if you don't buy.


  1. I like your blog. I agree with your comments on the street market, the variety of food on sale and the cost. Makes for some good photos. We met at the Ilkley Camera Club Exhibition in the Saltaire United Reformed Church. Keep taking the photos and adding to your blog. I will add it to my favourites.

  2. Hi John Thanks for looking up my blog - it was good to meet you today. I was inspired by the Ilkley photos - some excellent work.

  3. Like you I would have no complaints over the quality of the food on offer but no way would I spend £1-60 on 100g of biscuits. I may not be Yorkshire through and through but I really think that that is too much.
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