Saturday, 5 September 2009

Mill door

Isn't this door amazing? Everything about Salts Mill is done on a vast scale, even the doors. Apparently when Titus Salt first commissioned his new mill, he inspected the architects Lockwood and Mawson's preparatory drawings and pronounced them "not half large enough".

It was only fairly recently that I began to notice how the decorative motifs in Saltaire are repeated in various forms. Compare the decoration on this door to that above the window in the picture on 3 September. The Mill was opened in 1853 - and I presume this door is original to the building - whereas the houses on Albert Road weren't finished until 1868. But it seems to me that the motif
from the Mill - two arches with a roundel at the top - is echoed in the fan-shaped window surrounds of the houses.

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