Thursday, 21 January 2010

Dusk in Saltaire

I rarely take any 'serious' night shots (mainly because I can never be bothered with all the hassle of a tripod - I'm a photographer that likes to travel light.) But I've been doing an evening class in photography for a few months and that encouraged me out one evening with my camera and my tripod. I took this picture of Salts Mill from the cobbled street called Albert Terrace (see also 17 December).

Saltaire may be a showpiece World Heritage Site but it is first and foremost a living community and not a theme park
(thank goodness). So, although I would have preferred this photo without the vehicles, I have to accept the intrusions of modern life. The Victorian village wasn't designed with car ownership in mind and there is nowhere for residents to park except on the streets. Maybe I'll venture out again one night and see if I can catch the street scene at a rare car-free moment.

By the way, I spotted the sun-medallion in yesterday's blogpost in a garden on Albert Road.


  1. Hey Jenny !! This is a beautiful night shot !! I really loved the night scene !!Great

  2. A lovely shot! I can't get my night photos to look this good!

    Ashton under Lyne Daily Photo

  3. Many-a-time I've walked up there from the train on dark winter evenings.
    But it's usually been head down in the rush to get home and tea.

    I must remember to look up more often; you can miss so much =]

    Beautiful, atmospheric, and timeless (even with the car).

  4. I've only seen Albert Terrace the once, on a rather grey day just before New Year. The colours on this shot are so rich! Magnificent!


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