Thursday, 14 January 2010

From the canal bridge

Well the snow wins today, as its back again! It was sheet ice yesterday - quite a challenge to get to work - and then it snowed again. Boo!

This picture was taken last week at one of my favourite spots, looking west along the Leeds-Liverpool canal towards Salts Mill (see its chimney in the far distance).
(Isn't it great when someone in a red jacket walks into shot at just the right time?) I really like seeing how the scene changes with the light, the weather and the seasons. To compare, see my posts of 9 December and 26 November.

The black shed contraption on the left is where they used to load goods from the mill onto canal boats. That mill is derelict and becoming steadily more overgrown with weeds and even trees sprouting through the brickwork. It has been 'for sale' for years but I can't see anyone wanting to buy it. It's a rather ugly red-brick building with none of the charm of the older stone-built Victorian mills and it is in a very dilapidated condition.


  1. I'll go out on a limb and say it's the shot I like best from your series, it's almost monochrome but the red jacket just gives that touch of colour. The muted wood on the old building adds to the monochrome effect. It would also be great on 35mm (rather than converting digital to monochrome) because I think the grain of the film would add to the 'grittiness'. Love the three chimneys, little bit of the Lowry about it. Good one.

  2. I agree with John, a great shot.


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