Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Lamp, Salts Mill

This lamp is on an outside wall on one of the passages running through the Salts Mill complex in Saltaire. It is of a similar design to the original street lamps in the village. It was most probably originally a gas lamp, now converted to electric.... though the electrics look pretty antiquated too! I was tempted to 'tidy' the photo up a bit, but I decided the coil of wire and all the messy bits are part of the interest and charm, even if they do detract from the lovely shape of the lamp.


  1. I can understand the temptation to tidy it up, but I suspect you were right to leave it as it was. Realism is what photography does best.

  2. I think you were right to leave the picture as it is. What is there is there and what we like to see.

  3. Even The Imperfections Are Perfect!


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