Saturday, 2 January 2010!

I came out of work early on New Year's Eve (to get ready for partying!) and took the longer walk home, along the canal, just for a change. I don't normally go that way in winter. It's still very cold. I can't remember a winter for ages when a cold snap has lasted so long; most of the past few winters have been really mild. The canal is iced over in places, the ducks all scrabbling around in the bits where the water runs free. This scene, where the Leeds-Liverpool canal passes between Salts Mill and the New Mill, is one I have taken so many images of. It looks different again with the ice. See 6 August for a summer version of the same stretch of canal.


  1. It's grim up 't north. Hopefully the cold will go soon.

  2. Certainly is John! It's not getting any better very fast.


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