Thursday, 6 August 2009

Salts Mill - framed

Hurray! Had an absolute photo-fest on the way to work yesterday morning as it was such a beautiful, warm, sunny morning... I can tell you that I did not want to go to work and would quite happily have carried on along the canal-bank, adventuring. But, being a dutiful sort of person, I eventually found my way to the office.

I sometimes have photo themes in my head - I decided to look for 'frames' yesterday and found this - the mills framed in a bit of the gate on the canal towpath. I'm not really sure what the gates are there for. They are placed every so often across the width of the towpath, and only walkers and cyclists can get through the narrow gap (cyclists have to wiggle a bit). Maybe it's to stop horses or motorbikes but, since the gates themselves can be opened, that seems a bit daft. Life is full of mysteries!

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