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Friday, 14 August 2009

Washing lines

Presumably because Titus Salt wanted Saltaire look smart, attractive and orderly - he had, after all spent a fortune on his vision for a 'model' township - it is said that there were various rules of conduct for the tenants. As I said yesterday, he provided his villagers with state-of-the-(Victorian)-art Baths and a Wash-house in the centre of the village. Some say that because of this, he tried to dissuade the villagers from hanging washing across the streets and yards. Whether this is true or not, I doubt, nor whether he was successful in keeping the village looking pristine but there is no such rule nowadays. I actually think the lines of washing can look quite attractive...rather like bunting, bringing a touch of colour and movement to the essentially monochrome pattern and straight lines of the houses and streets.

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