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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Inside the West Mill

This is another view of the ground floor of the West Mill, the publicly accessible part of Salts Mill. (See also July 1). This level is called the 1853 Gallery to commemorate the year the Mill officially opened.

The opening, on Titus Salt's 50th birthday, 20 September 1853, was marked by a grand banquet, held in the Combing Shed (just behind the offices seen in my photo a few days ago). There were reputedly 3750 guests (!) of whom 2440 were his workers, along with the Earl of Harewood and two mayors (Bradford and Leeds). They were treated to lavish hospitality, polishing off vast quantities of beef, lamb, chicken,
ham, potted meat, roast duck, partridges, 30 brace of grouse, 50 pigeon pies, half a ton of potatoes, 320 plum puddings, tartlets, jellies, cakes and all manner of exotic fruits, nuts and sweetmeats.

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