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Friday, 28 August 2009

Salt's Private Office

Sir Titus Salt himself did not live in Saltaire. He and his family moved in 1844 to a magnificent estate called Crow Nest, in Lightcliffe, southwest of Bradford. At first the house was rented but later he bought it and lived there until his death in 1876. However, he also retained private quarters and a personal office in Salts Mill, overlooking the canal and park, with its own entrance, seen here.

Crow Nest mansion was sold after Sir Titus's death. It then had a chequered history - stone was quarried in the grounds and soldiers billeted there during WW1, after which the house fell into decay and was demolished in the 1950s. You can, however, have a round of golf on a 9-hole course created on what was once part of the estate grounds.


  1. I've put a Saltaire calendar together, Jenny. The images are a bit "alternative". Legend has it that the lions on Victoria Road roam around at night - and it's true. I've even photographed them on top of Salts Mill! If you go to the website www.saltairevillage.info and follow the link for the calendar, you'll see what I mean.

  2. Oh, that's brilliant! I especially like the one guarding the church - we could probably do with him there all the time. Everything that positively promotes Saltaire has to be good news.

  3. Thanks Jenny. The lovely Maggie Silver has said that Salts Mill will stock some. So exciting!

    Have you heard of Balgarnie's Salt - the biography of Sir Titus Salt? It's available as a free download from www.saltairevillage.info If you don't have a copy - just Google Balgarnie's Salt and you'll be able to find the download.