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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

In the heart of Saltaire

If you turn round on the spot where I took yesterday's photo of the waterbus, this is the view you get. The Leeds-Liverpool canal runs right through the heart of Saltaire. To the left (unseen) is the River Aire and Roberts Park. Straight ahead, beyond the Victoria Road bridge, is the New Mill chimney (see also 30 June). Salts Mill and the main village are uphill to the right, with the church on the right bank of the canal (also unseen in this photo).

I really think this is such a picturesque spot. There's nearly always something going on - a boat moored, the resident pair of swans gliding by, children feeding the ducks, cyclists, people strolling.... It's a great place for watching the world go by.

As a small child at the seaside, I once asked my mum why we were sitting on a bench 'doing nothing'. She said it was nice to watch the world go by. After a long time, really bored, I apparently said "Mum, when's it coming?" But now I too like sitting watching the world go by.

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