Saturday, 1 May 2010

BBC Antiques Roadshow in Saltaire

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The BBC Antiques Roadshow came to Saltaire's Victoria Hall on Thursday, causing great excitement and long queues of people, clutching all manner of boxes and bags containing their treasures. The Roadshow has been running for 33 years on BBC TV and has become a much-loved treasure in itself. The format is that members of the public bring their family heirlooms to be appraised and valued by antiques experts, with the hope that every so often some real 'find' is unearthed or somebody realises they're richer than they thought.
The programme is hosted now by the popular Fiona Bruce, and many of the experts have become household names through their appearances on the show.

As always, your intrepid reporter jennyfreckles was on the spot to record the event (with grateful thanks to Pamela and
Julie for providing me with a pass that meant I didn't have to join the queue.
) It was a fascinating day, and opened my eyes to the amount of work needed to arrange and record the programme - there were staff and stewards everywhere. What you'd describe as organised chaos!

Images from top left, clockwise: a fraction of the queue to get into Victoria Hall; ceramics expert Lars Tharp casts an experienced eye over a piece of a dinner service used by Titus Salt Jnr at Milner Field; Fiona Bruce discusses teddy bears with a young collector; Hilary Kay gets enthusiastic about a carriage; 'sshh' says the sound man; make-up; George Archdale (I think) values a poster - and in the centre, one of the big trucks parked beside the Victoria Hall.

For a different view of the event, the Telegraph & Argus local paper has some articles and video.


  1. Great collage. Public TV in the US copied the Antiques Roadshow format and it has been running a long time here as well. I think it is one of the most popular shows on TV. Who doesn't think they have, or want to find a treasure in the attic. It's great tv and a lot of fun to watch.

  2. We watch the show whenever we can so I will keep an eye out for this episode.

  3. Oh, I know I would love such a show!! You made a very great journalistic work to show us all that! thank you, it's so interesting!

  4. Thanks for bringing us a little of it front and center! How much fun that looks, and the weather looks perfect too! ~Lili

  5. I'd forgotten this was coming! Please let me know when it's going to be shown on TV. A


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