Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Great Britain III

Our second day's walking in Northumberland took us another 13 or so miles from Holy Island to Belford, which is a village slightly inland. We were following St Cuthbert's Way, a way-marked path that goes past St Cuthbert's Cave, one of the places where it's said that the monks rested with St Cuthbert's bones when they were fleeing the Vikings.

We had to cross the busy A1 road, as well as the main Edinburgh to London East Coast rail line (which involved protracted chats by phone with a signalman!) As we were walking towards the line, we more or less bumped into this steam train. On searching the web I have discovered it was a Railway Touring Company tour - the Great Britain III - on its way from Edinburgh to York and then London. At this point the loco was the Princess Elizabeth 46201. And that, not being a train buff, is all I know. But I do like to see steam trains and so it was a serendipitous moment.

(For those who like trains, a click on the pic will make it bigger.)


  1. Most serendipitous! A lovely shot!

  2. Isn't it gorgeous; can't beat a steam train. Takes me back to 'when I was a lad'.

  3. Serendipitous is right Jenny, I"m surprised there weren't train buffs camped all along the route to see the train go by.

  4. What a gorgeous gorgeous shot! ~Lili


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