Thursday, 29 April 2010

Homage to a rusty fence

I was only away from Saltaire just over a week but I keep noticing things that have changed in my absence - both in the natural world (the trees have burst forth leaves and blossom in glorious adandon) and in the man-made environment. Saltaire's church is suddenly shrouded in scaffolding and screening (not a good look!).

But more shocking to me has been the removal of The Fence. This was an old corrugated iron structure that separated one of the local cricket fields from the canal towpath - perhaps for safety reasons? (to stop people rolling down the hill?) or possibly - rumour has it - that at one time the cricket club used to charge spectators to watch their matches, so it stopped non-paying voyeurs. Whatever the reason, it was an ugly old fence, but I was incredibly inspired by the colours - rust and lichen - and regularly used to stop to take photos of it in different lights. People must have thought me mad! And now it's gone! I must admit the view has improved, as its removal has really opened up the area - but where will I get inspiration now?

Anyway, I felt I should post a photo, as a mark of respect for my old friend, gone to the final scrapyard. If I was a talented poet like Martin H at Square Sunshine, I'd write an Ode to it! If you'd like to see it in its former glory, it snakes its orange way through the middle of this photo (view it large).


  1. It does not really look like a fence..rather a surealistic something, very inspiring! great picture!

  2. At least you have pictures of it! I do like the color.

  3. Wonderful color and texture! Glad you have the photos!

  4. Good fences make good neighbours, but this one sounds like it has sentimental value.


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