Saturday, 17 April 2010

Shimu reflection

'Shimu' Oriental Furniture and Accessories has a shop in the middle of the terrace on Victoria Road, Saltaire (see yesterday's photo). I must confess that oriental artefacts are not really my kind of thing (and I'm not certain that they'd sit very well in a Victorian terrace in Saltaire, though no doubt some people would have the creative flair to carry that off). But the shop does display some beautifully crafted and interesting things in the window.

Even more interesting to me (!) is the fact that the shop window is in just the right place to reflect the long south frontage of Salts Mill and its huge chimney. So I stand by the window and play that game that I used to play as a child, altering the focus of my eyes from near to far and back again. It's like a kind of hologram - now I see Salts Mill, now I see a green horse. Try it!


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