Friday, 30 April 2010

St George's Day Parade

Last Sunday, the nearest to St George's Day, saw the annual parade of local 'uniformed groups' (which means Cubs, Scouts, Guides - and as seen here, Sea Scouts.) I wasn't aware it was happening and was just setting off from home for a walk when I saw the parade passing down Victoria Road through the centre of Saltaire. In the interests of reportage, I ran to catch them up - hence the rather less than flattering rear view! But using this picture also gives me chance to show you the scaffold and sheeting that has suddenly mushroomed up around Saltaire United Reformed Church. It rather spoils its impact.... It's all part of the ongoing renovation and restoration work, starting with repairing the canopy in front of the tower, replacing rotten timbers, making it watertight and resetting the steps. It's sad that people making a special trip to visit Saltaire won't get to see the church in its full glory for some time to come. Never mind, there are other gems to see in the village, and you can still view the inside of the church.

Incidentally, there's a bit of a campaign to get England to celebrate St George's Day more lavishly, but unlike the Scots, Welsh and Irish we don't seem all that bothered about our Patron Saint.


  1. I have always found our affection for St George rather strange given that there is no suggestion that he ever set foot in England. Now St Titus, that would be more appropriate.

  2. What an unusual (to me, at least) church building!

  3. I guess there is never a good time to do such needed restoration. It's still quite striking!

  4. I've found a lot of very strong feelings about St George on my travels around London.


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