Tuesday, 11 May 2010

All Terrain Cycles

Following on from what I was saying in yesterday's post...we don't really need a Cycle Point in Saltaire. We have some storage now (albeit not much) - and the shop and repair function is already here, in the shape of All Terrain Cycles, another of the retail outlets within Salts Mill. A cyclist's paradise, it has hundreds of different bikes.. including, as you can see from the inset picture, a modern penny-farthing in case nostalgia grips you! As well as the bikes, it sells everything you could ever need to repair, prettify or make your bike safer - and plenty you've never even thought of, too. Plus the neon lycra outfits so beloved of some of the more vigorous afficionados. If your cycle needs repair, head for the big mill chimney - the store is right beside the base of it and is open every day including Sundays.


  1. I would love a go on that penny-farthing!! (Need the full Victorian outfit to really feel the part though!)

  2. By the look of it, I suspect that the penny-farthing was invented by a coalition.

  3. It's hard to tell from the photo but the penny-farthing does't look too awfully high. I've seen people ride the old ones but don't ever recall seeing how they got on and off them.

    I have a hunch I know how I'd wind up getting off one :-)

  4. Cycle power beats burning petrol.


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