Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Rainbow Morris

There was lots going on at the commemorative opening of Roberts Park, Saltaire on Saturday. The Rainbow Morris dancers gave a lively display (despite the heat). Sir Titus Salt - on his plinth - watched over them with a benevolent eye and appeared to enjoy it! There were various activities for children including a circus skills workshop, traditional Punch and Judy show and a climbing wall (hard hats and safety ropes provided). It also happened (apparently) to be the International Day for Biodiversity, celebrating the diversity of life on earth, so there were some displays related to that ...including a stall where you could build yourself a nesting box for birds.

I was discussing it with a friend and we agreed that one of the things that made it all seem especially good was how kind of 'wholesome' it was. Families were out picnicking, all generations were present from tiny new-borns (lots of them! Was there a power cut nine months ago?) to great-grannies. No commercialism (not even an ice-cream van on site, though the volunteer-run café was reported to be out of ices by the end of the day), nothing tacky at all. Just lots of fun, family-orientated activities, good quality entertainment - music, dancing, drama, comedy, cricket - and a real 'local community' feel to it. There was plenty for everyone to enjoy - though the glorious weather was the star attraction. All rather old-fashioned really... Sir Titus would have been delighted.


  1. I agree, one is often surprised by the wholesomeness of modern life. We seem to have been preconditioned by the press and television to believe that modern-life is a celebrity clad freak show : but take away the ipods and the satnavs and not all that much has changed in the way people actually interact and enjoy themselves.

  2. Often, the old fashion pleasures are the most simple and the best of all!Sir Titus really seems to enjoy the day!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful sort of day! My husband and I attended sheep dog trials last year and there was that same charming wholesomeness to it.

  4. The costumes are so wonderful. It is nice that wholesome still exists somewhere. Anti wholesome seems to be the trend in so many avenues of life.


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