Monday, 21 June 2010

A chime of purple bells

I really haven't a clue what this attractive little flower* is, but it was quite happily clinging to a wall in the front garden of one of Saltaire's village houses. There's something that appeals to me about the rough stone counterpointing the fragile flowers. Even the shortest errand through the village can delight with little surprises like this. And each time I walk through the village I see something I haven't noticed before.

* Doing a Google search I've found this little Dalmatian Bellflower (Campanula
) which looks very similar to me - but I'm not a gardener at all! Perhaps someone can enlighten me.


  1. I think your Google search has made the right match. It certainly is a little charmer.

  2. Looks a bit like an alpine flower - probably suited to growing on rocks .... possibly in a shady spot? Very pretty!

  3. I don't know the name, but I like the flowers!
    what a poetic shot!

  4. What a great find.It has found a good place to show off it's colors.

  5. They are so pretty and very delicate!

  6. Quite lovely! Flowers and rock are so wonderful together -- permanent meets ephemeral, strong meets fragile.


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