Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hirst Farm

As I said in yesterday's post, there was at one time a lock keeper's cottage and a farm at Hirst Lock, just outside Saltaire. The buildings have disappeared but I have this old photo (courtesy of Dorothy Burrows) which shows the farm as it used to be. Apparently in the early part of the 20th century Hirst Farm was a popular weekend destination for families, offering horse rides, home-made ice cream and a café.

The River Aire and the Leeds-Liverpool Canal at this spot run alongside each other and there has been a mill here since the 1700s, using the river to turn its water wheel to power the machinery. The mill was originally a corn mill but later made paper. It was rebuilt in the 19th century and has now been converted into flats (see this link for a photo). There are other cottages and houses in the hamlet, built in the 1860s, which still stand, though they too have had various conversions and additions.


  1. Yes, there is something so West Yorkshire about the lie of those buildings.

  2. I like this old picture, and I like when you explain about history and past time!Seen from now, it seems so charming (even if I'm aware that for the people of that time , life was rather hard)

  3. Really charming to think of someone opening their home to random visitors.It was common here in the US about the same time.I'm getting a good picture of your area and its history.


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