Thursday, 17 June 2010

I did it!

Exactly a year ago, on 17 June 2009, I tentatively composed my first ever blog post. I'd been thinking for a while that 'someone ought to do a Saltaire Daily Photo blog' and, on the spur of the moment, decided I would have a go. I set myself the challenge of posting a picture a day for a year - and I'm delighted to say I DID IT!

On the downside, the house is a little scruffier (something has to give, and in my case it's been housework!) and I sometimes stay up later than is wise, exploring everyone else's fascinating blogs... But I have to say I have enjoyed the challenge way more than I anticipated. I have become even more passionate about Saltaire and the lovely area in which I am fortunate to live, as I've opened my eyes to its beauty and learned more about its history. I have become a much more active citizen and a much more active person, always now preferring to go out with my camera when the weather is fair, rather than stay in. And I think (hope!) my photography skills are improving.

What's more - and something I didn't really foresee - I have discovered a whole world of brilliant blogs out there, and I delight in the camaraderie that comes through tuning in regularly and exchanging comments. Many, many thanks to those regular followers of mine - you enrich my life immeasurably and I really look forward to reading your posts, seeing your pics and sharing a little in your lives. ( I also realised I like seeing photos of you all. But I have never shared one of me - so I've recently remedied that by putting my smiling face on the side bar. Hello!)

I know I have a bunch of friends and local people who
also read my blog and who have been really encouraging about it. Thanks folks!

So will I carry on? You bet! I did briefly wonder if I should stop now and feel the job well done - but I am enjoying it too much. I will stop, if ever it starts to feel more chore than pleasure... life's too short to waste it. And - given that there are only so many photos one can take in roughly a square mile of territory (even one as full of interest as Saltaire) without becoming repetitive - I will probably allow myself more 'excursions' to other places, even though I will keep coming back to Saltaire. This is, after all, my home and the place where I reroot, regroup and refresh, in order to venture out again.

I hope you'll journey with me through year two. Let's get going!


  1. wonderful and well done - it is amazing just how much one discovers about a locality doing a blog and meeting other bloggers doing the same thing is a bonus.

  2. Of course, we will! Congratulations for this first bloganniversary! A great moment, the first when we turn our eyes back to see the road we have followed and realise ALL the GOOD things blogging gives to us!Discovery, friendship, creativity, energy..and much more! It's difficult not to become addict, because blogging is nothing except pleasure!I wish you a full second year, and hope to be there next year for the second celebration!

  3. Good montage; when you feel you've 'done Saltaire there will probably be lots more in the local area - like Locks!

  4. congratulations :)) and hope to continue

  5. I've enjoyed poking about in the nooks and crannies of Saltaire and look forward to whatever and wherever you take us in the coming days!

  6. Definitely looking forward to the journey through year 2!! (and I do like the smiley photo of you on the sidebar). :)

  7. Your mosaic of your images is so perfect for the journey you just completed! Congrats to you for your accomplishment. Housework? I vote for more images! Look forward to where your excursions lead you. Do I see a photo book in your future? You have some really great stuff on here. ~Lili

  8. I don't know if I have a wonderful blog, I just know it gave my the excuse to travel, learn, and meet such great people all over the world. I would never ever regret time lost by doing so.

  9. Thank you for your visit and for following me Jenny. I like your beautiful blog and will be following you from now on. I just need to find the time to go through your older posts and see everything you are posting. I hope I will be able to do soon.
    And.. congratulations for your anniversary.

  10. Beautiful blog. And, if something has to give to allow you to blog, it may as well be housework.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  11. Congratulations! Yes, please keep going!

  12. Bravo for this first anniversary,
    and like you, I am thankful to this photoblog community to help me through not so easy times.
    I admire your every day commitment I only manage a few times in a week!!


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