Sunday, 9 January 2011

Heritage Trail 7 - Saltaire's Mills

'Look towards the mill chimneys - can you feel a breeze behind you?'  (Hope you're well wrapped up on this wintery walk!)  Sir Titus Salt deliberately built his mills on the eastern side of the village.  He was concerned about the harmful effects of smoke produced by factories and located his mills where the prevailing westerly wind would blow the smoke away from the village. (I know this first-hand - my workplace is directly east of the mills and sometimes the wind funnelled along the valley is so fierce that you can barely stand up.)

Salts Mill is on the right of the photo (its huge chimney is hidden) and the building on the left is the New Mill, built a few years later, with its ornate Italianate chimney.  The Victoria Road bridge goes over the canal and at one time went straight over the river into the park.  Since the river bridge was demolished, the road ends rather abruptly in the wall you can see. (The old film clip I mentioned yesterday has footage of people walking across the original bridge, with the mills in the background - at 2.34 in the film.)

I took all these photos on such a dull winter day - they're not the best in that sense but, in a way, I like the dark feel.  And I am really enjoying showing you round my hometown.  Some of you have commented that you are beginning to recognise parts and 'know where you are'.   That really pleases me - and I hope it doesn't make my blog boring.  There are only so many photos you can take in a square mile or so, but I keep endeavouring to find new angles.

[On the street plan the photo is taken from near the green man. The New Mill is No 16 and Salts Mill is No 1]


  1. Far from boring, and I think the light really works well in these photographs.

  2. Sir Titus thought of everything, it seems - quite ahead of his time in many respects, I'm guessing!

    No, no sense of boredom on my part at all - still loving my daily outing with you as our guide :)

  3. It's not boring at all!!!It's fascinating and so interesting! I was wondering to do the same with my own town, but it's not easy to do..
    Once more, sir Titus was clever and in advance on his time, taking care of the smoke and winds would be called ecology today!

    PS: no fire on my picture behind the gull! it's the smoke coming from the chimney of the boat which is leaving the port!:)

  4. I'm starting to recognise places you have shown before but now with the map to orientate one it is helping me find my way around your town. I remember the boathouse in summer.It hasn't changed much from the old movie pics.

  5. These latest shots of yours look very cold. Brrrrrrr!

  6. I like the dark feel,'s perfect for the subject here!
    And so interesting that they were built so the wind would carry away the smoke!

  7. Not boring at all! I'm really enjoying this wander round Saltaire.

  8. Sir Titus was so enlightened - well, maybe except for the teetotal part.

    Not boring -- I love getting to know a place.

  9. Your hometown is absolutely beautiful! I love that dark feel in this photo.
    Oh how I miss England...

    B xx

  10. I think it's kind of neat that you captured 3 other people in this one too. Everyone looks kind of cold. I do like the feel of this one. ~Lili

  11. Thanks for taking us on this walk, I'm seeing so much of your incredible town.
    And thank you for your kind words concerning Tucson today.


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