Thursday, 14 October 2010

The New Mill

Another view of one of Saltaire's major buildings, the New Mill - framed by the trees and flowerbeds of Roberts Park.  Completed in 1868, on the other side of the canal from the original Salts Mill, it was built to increase the wool spinning capacity at a time when the business was expanding. This block is now used as administrative offices for the NHS (Health Service). The site was developed further in 1907-09 when another five storey mill was erected behind this one.

Sir Titus Salt again commissioned Lockwood and Mawson, the architects behind the rest of Saltaire, who continued with the then-fashionable Italianate style evident in the rest of the village.  Sir T insisted that the building should be worthy of its prominent position beside the main throughfare, Victoria Road, and opposite Saltaire's beautiful church.  The chimney is particularly memorable, being modelled on the campanile of the church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari in Venice.

(For different views of the building, please click the New Mill label.)


  1. I like his idea: even factories can be beautyful!I think that people love to come and work there, they are in a welcoming place. Too often, places too work are ugly!

  2. This is postcard perfect framing, Jenny. I enjoy reading the history.

    [The 5'-12' drums I posted today have a very deep sound, but I've never heard them properly played and couldn't find anything in cyberspace.]

  3. Truly amazing architecture in a totally unexpected place. Must visit again soon. xxx

  4. Beautifully framed! We'll get out there one of these days!

  5. It is beautiful architecture and frames so well with the flowers and the trees.

  6. How good is this?!.. usually when you want to frame something using trees, there's always a branch stuck in the way and it's never camera accessories that you want at the time but a pair of loppers!! ..and of course the extra dimension that you have thrown in is the foreground flowers. Beauty in industry.

  7. Beautiful buildings!
    I love that tower and that sky is absolutely beautiful!

    B xx


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