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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Brick mill

This is an unusual building for this area, as it's made from red brick - and has a round chimney.  There is very little built of brick locally - the vast majority of the houses and mills are made from stone, much of it local and a warm honeyed tone.  And most of the mill chimneys have angles - I suppose it's easier to make small bricks into a smooth round chimney.  I don't know much about the history of this mill.  It is only a stone's throw from Saltaire, just along the canal.  I think it is probably newer than the adjacent Salts and Victoria Mills.  No longer a mill, it has been converted into offices.

Another photo that would be good for Weekend Reflections!


  1. Bonjour Jenny! I like these old industrial buildings though I shudder at work conditions in the XIXth century. Somehow they are beautiful to look at, especially when you catch them on a glorious day! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. I like that even if the building is now used for offices, they had the good idea to keep the chimney!It's a good landmark and a very interesting piece of industrial architecture.

  3. Great reflections. What did they use the mill for? Wool?

  4. Hi Jenny, beautiful reflections!
    That is such a magnificent industrial building.

    Happy Sunday!

    B xx

  5. It seems like a peaceful place where one can reflect (sorry, not intentional) on life. By comparison, probably a lot noisier back in the day....
    It's great to see buildings re-cycled like this.

  6. Not just an interesting old building, but a nicely composed perspective. Nice job, Jenny.

  7. It looks like it would be more at home in Manchester. Beautiful photograph!