Friday, 5 August 2011

Mesostic poems

Three from a selection of mesostic poems, part of an artwork called 'Propogator' (2003) by the artist Alec Finlay, in the permanent exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

      SpinaChy                                                      Thread                                Milky
           disH                                          And                                   spInes
             wIth                                                buttoNs                                    yelLowy
          lunCh                                                         Sewn                             pricKs
          bacK                                     neatlY
          When                                                                                                  The
             thE                                                                            Hillside
earthmothEr                                                                                                        Is
          ruleD                                                                                                        Scattered

I didn't know what a mesostic poem was until I saw these.  Wikipedia tells me they are where a vertical phrase intersects lines of horizontal text.  Similar to an acrostic but the vertical phrase intersects through the middle not at the beginning of the line.  (Hard to line them up in Blogger though!)   I thought Betsy might like these...she's good at acrostic poems.  They look deceptively simple... but see how the words capture the essence of each plant.

I shall bring you more photos from my lovely day out at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park soon.


  1. How intriguing. I've learnt something new today. Thanks.

  2. I thought they were really good when we went. One of the best bits at that time (IMHO)

    Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I did not know about this kind of petry. It's interesting and funny; A good training for mind!

  4. How strange : I was at the YSP a few weeks ago and saw the same display and immediately thought of Betsy as well. Great minds and all that.

  5. I learned something new too!

  6. These are delightful and I never before had heard that term for them. ~Lili


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