Friday, 16 September 2011

Lilies and Mozart

Whether or not yesterday's photo said 'Saltaire', today's must definitely say 'Salts Mill'... I can't imagine there would be anywhere else in the world where you might see a vase of lilies against that backdrop.  I have mentioned before that it is the defining motif of the 1853 Gallery in Salts Mill.  There are always several large vases of these highly-scented lilies, so that the whole huge gallery is fragranced with their heady scent.  And always in the background they have classical music playing.  It might not be Mozart.  I'm afraid my deafness prevents me properly identifying the pieces - but it doesn't prevent me enjoying the general ambience as a result of the combined sensory pleasures.  I think my idea of heaven is browsing the wonderful 'coffee table' books on photography and art, so casually strewn around the gallery.  I couldn't justify buying them but it's nice to dream.  Add to that a treasure-trove of priceless Hockney art works on the walls (a new exhibition unveiled this week too) and... well, aren't I lucky that it's all on my doorstep?

(For anyone who is new to my blog and to Saltaire, please click the links and the 'About Saltaire' tag on the blog header for some explanation of what, where and why).

PS: The link to the article Jane mentions in the comments is here.


  1. It's great to live in a place where you think that paradise is on your door step.
    I like the compo of your picture, very serene and romantic, and so "saltairian"!

  2. Hi Jenny, wonderful post about Salt's Mill and the 1853 Gallery. Whenever I think of this place I see beautiful white lilies with their pervading scent, gorgeous books, delicious food in the diner, and the poignant, lifesize image of Jonathan Silver, who died so young after creating this wonderful place.

    His daughter, Zoe Silver, was on tv the other night, promoting Hockney's new artwork - 25 Trees. She used to be a producer for the BBC's Imagine programme, but has returned to Yorkshire to carry on her father's work.

    You might be interested in this article

    Seeing her and finding your post has reminded me it's time to pay Salt's Mill another visit. Sorry for such a long comment, but this is one of my favourite places in the world :-)
    Jane Gray

  3. It sounds a wonderful place to visit and the vase of lilies in contrast to the brick wall is great. You should make coffee table photo books of your own. It is very easy to do on the computer. If you use an Apple you can make them with iphoto if not there are many companies on the net just goggle photo books. now I will feel an idiot if you already know all this stuff, which you probably do.

  4. Hello Jenny, So long time I couldn't come and post in your blog... Went to Japan, came back, went to France, came back... and here we are, in Austrian country side.

    Your beautiful lily bouquet took me back to Saltaire and to 1853 Gallery we enjoyed so much!!!
    As I was reading your text, I could visualize the big vases, wonderful ambiance, books, postcards, drowings, big tables ...
    What a wonderful place!!
    So... Have a very nice week-end Jenny, I am glad to be back!!

  5. Gosh how beautiful. Do you know anything about that vase? My Yorkshire grandmother had one exactly the same!

  6. Lovely comments everyone, thank you. Jane, thanks for the interesting link. It's great that the Silver family are so much involved and committed to Saltaire and the Mill. Diane, a photobook or two would be wonderful - just need to retire to find time for all these projects! Sachan, welcome back, I did miss you - you do sound busy. Louise, no I don't know anything about that vase but I love it. Most things in Salts Mill have a history. Next time I visit, perhaps I'll ask about it.

  7. Beautiful composition, Jenny!

  8. Gorgeous Gorgeous! And with a backdrop of classical, even more heavenly I'm sure. ~Lili


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