Sunday, 26 February 2012

View from the top

The views from the Yorkshire Wheel are worth seeing, though it's not too easy to get decent photos owing to the amount of reflection in the glass of the capsules.

This is the vista across the city of York looking towards the south-east, with the huge bulk of the Minster obviously being the main landmark.  In the foreground is York's main river, the Ouse.  The bridge you can see is the Lendal Bridge, an iron bridge built in 1863.  It has stone towers at each end; the one catching the sunshine is the Lendal Tower, now a private residence I believe.  The stone buildings on the riverside to the right are, I think, city council buildings - part of the Guildhall.  On the left edge of the picture you can see the Yorkshire Museum, set in a park.

Looking to the north east you see the River Ouse meandering through the vale. The boat is one of the large pleasure boats that ply up and down, allowing visitors to enjoy a leisurely cruise and perhaps a drink, whilst learning more about the history of the area.  I'm not sure what there is to see on the northern side of the city but to the south of the Lendal Bridge the boats give a different perspective on the centre of York and sail on to the Palace at Bishopsthorpe, the Archbishop of York's residence.  At the bottom of the photo you can just see one of the platforms of York's main railway station.


  1. That is quite a view. It is refreshing to see the Minster dominate the surrounding buildings instead of being lost in a sea of skyscrapers.

  2. It's really very cool to see the landmarks from the sky. You do aim to please to cover all bases for us Jenny! ~Lili


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